GSK is known for its leadership in Colombia’s pharmaceutical and medical attention investigation frontiers. Through their research, they develop sanitary products, vaccines and medicinal products.

By creating four games, they showcase each product’s benefits and relevant information to the pharmacists to gain an edge over the competition. This tactic gives the pharmacist a chance to engage, interact and understand Sensodyne, Chapstick, Centrum and Today.

We created an ecosystem that allows users to interact and understand the product through augmented reality. A user journey from an initial context, finishing with the benefits of each one. Giving the pharmacist an understanding of the products gives them better tools when interacting with the final customer. It provides GSK with an edge over the competition.

Our challenge

Due to their extensive portfolio, their indirect sales force must understand and interiorize the benefits of the products to gain a more significant share in the marketplace with final customers.

During the pandemic crisis due to Covid 19, the pharmaceutical industry registered a significant increment in sales of medical products for the immune system, vitamins and sexual health. This situation created an opportunity for GSK to reinforce brands such as Centrum and Today Condoms.
This strategy focused on educating the indirect salesforce and fortifying the B2B channels with a series of mini-games that would impulse brand recognition. Through the use and game time of the app, the user would gain a point that would later become benefits with the brand. The use of augmented reality in their games allowed GSK to showcase each product’s benefits, advantages, and characteristics.