Gabrica is one of the leading players and distributors in the Colombian pet market. Their role is to generate commercial alliances and open new retail channels to fulfill the pet well-being market focusing on three main pets: dogs, cats, and horses. Currently, they have a presence in three countries: Colombia, Chile and Peru.

In 2017 Gabrica started a process of rebranding, inwhich the main focus was to position the brand asthe expert in pets and bring the brand closer to thefinal consumer.

With these main goals in mind, we designed, developed and implemented an inboundmarking campaign that would conquer these goals and expand their audience reach in Colombia. We used our inbound marketing partner platform, RD station, to create valuable content delivered via email marketing. Thanks to our success in past years, in 2021, we expanded this strategy to Chile and Peru.


Gain visibility and position Gabrica as the leading brand in the pet market. Currently, petowners recognize and value Gabrica brands in diverse vet shops and pet markets acrossthe country. Non the less, they are not aware of Gabrica or its role in the market. Theprimary marketing efforts and goals were to grow their database and nurture lead toincrease the brand interactions.

Thanks to the Covid – 19 pandemic, we have seen a steady growth spurt in the pet marketin Colombia, which has supported and rooted the idea that pets are part of our family andincremented the sales of pet products, making it a golden opportunity for Gabrica.


Concept: The best of my year is you.

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