Samsung is one of the leading global players in electric appliances and technology development and has a presence in more than 65 countries.

As 2020 came around the corner, the Samsung team created new tactics to increase their reach and visibility with local media and audiences. Little did they expect to be facing worldwide shifts and new consumer habits that came with the Covid -19 pandemic. Due to these shifts, they looked into new solutions that could cover and rapidly adjust to their consumer and company needs.

In Digital Snap, we used cutting-edge technology to create a 360 virtual platform that allows customers to interact and purchase products. All this a from the comfort of their home and as quickly as oneclick away.


To develop and deploy a 360 virtual store using immersive technology showcasing their product and allowing user interaction with these products.

In Colombia, the Covid – 19 quarantine was declared on March 25, 2020, and created a new set of rules that limited the fiscal gatherings such as fairs, events and retail selling. Non the less, this was an excellent opportunity for digital innovation, which translated to increasing demand for technological products and e-commerce development.